Why KastenBerry?


Local service is paramount. Our local, certified sales executives provide the highest levels of support. Whether they are training on new equipment, answering pricing questions, or doing a 60-day statement review they are always educating and supporting business owners with transparency and the latest and most secure technologies.


It starts with our first meeting as we learn about your business and assess your needs. We educate our merchants to ensure they can make the best processing decisions for their business. It doesn't stop there. We follow up with a 60-day statement review and yearly reviews to answer questions, compare our proposal with your statements, and then offer continuing education throughout our business relationship.


Transparency means, easy to read statements, faster funding, no hidden fees, no discretionary rate increases, and ongoing education for our clients. Our veteran team has seen every industry trick in the book, and it's their desire to provide an honest, transparent service for a fair price. Our reputation is paramount and transparency is the tool we use to ensure our reputation.


We provide world-class solutions to deliver broad access to secure technology and integrations for all of our clients.

We educate our clients to empower them to make the best possible technology solution decisions for their business. This delivers new efficiencies and cost savings crucial to their businesses.

Industry Veterans and Tech Savvy Rookies

We’re building a team of cream of the crop, payments industry professionals. These are veterans of the payments industry and rookies with the tech savvy, professionalism, and character to set themselves apart. They know the industry, understand technology, security, and how to provide top-notch service to their customers over the long haul. 

We value relationships over a quick sale and finding the right fit over high-pressure salesmanship.

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