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Single-source, single-login – all the tools you need to manage your employees, keep your business compliant, and simplify your process.

Your Employee Management Experience Should Be Better

Get a free consultation with one of our teammates and see just how much better life could be with upgraded payroll & HR.

Full Service Payroll & Tax

Enterprise level payroll power that is seriously easy to use – just a few minutes each run.

Human Resources

HR is hard. Our system makes compliance and HR simple, straighforward, and you are never doing it alone.

New Hire Onboarding

Paper applications. Paper signatures. File cabinets filled with social security numbers, bank account information… there is a better way.

Simple. Powerful. Feature-Rich.

Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000 employees – we’ve got you covered with the power and simplicity you’re looking for.

Payroll & Tax Service

No math. No stress. End the deadline tracking - we calculate, impound, and remit your taxes automatically for you.

We prepare, file, and send out your W2s and 1099s.

You set up the garnishment and we automatically calculate the paycheck deduction and send in the payment.

KastenBerry automatically adjusts wages to comply with FLSA Tip Credit minimum wage requirement and reports on that for your CPA to claim.

Prevailing wage certification is native to KastenBerry's platform. We'll automatically generate Certified Payroll reporting to meet your contract requirements.

End the nightmare of multiple states, localities, and taxing authorities. We've got your back.

Paying employees weekly increases retention over bi-weekly. You enjoy unlimited payroll runs for one low monthly fee.

Track up to 11 different pay rates for each employee and easily enter time where it needs to go in a customizable grid.

Two taps is all it takes to issue a check adjustment, bonus, or reimbursement and just one more tap to make it a separate check.

Safer and cheaper than paying with a paper check.

Integration with Xero, QuickBooks and many other directly or through data exports that we set up for you.

Constantly updated 1-click reports to ensure your PPP compliance for forgiveness.

Easily convert your payroll data to an accounting journal entry your college accounting professor would be proud of.

Build shifts, schedules, geofence locations all native to our platform - no breakable integrations, no separate logins.

Salaried, hourly, and fixed-cost employees can be allocated over multiple levels of labor coding.

Human Resources

Easily build your handbook covering all your bases - from dress code, to social media policies, regular updates and everything in-between.

Certain new hires are eligible for Federal tax credits between $2,400 and $9,600 or more. Are you getting what you are eligible to receive?

Unlimited access to certified HR Pros to answer the tough questions that come up running a business.

See where each candidate is in the new hire or interview process.

Automatically push your job postings out to hundreds of job boards so you can get in front of the best candidates.

Easily access pay stubs online, saving you time and money.

Easily retrieve information on what you need to collect from an employee upon termination.

Maintain accurate, secure, and accessible records for every employee.

Employees have access to their accrual and PTO data anytime - you can go back to work now.

Our system automatically verifies and reports new hires, making you eligible for tax credits and protecting inaccurate information.

Are you one of the 90% of employers not prepared to meet reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act? We make compliance easy.

Every field in the HCM is reportable. Literally any data you need in any format you want is possible and easy to create.

Log your Form 300 and 301's inside the system and keep up to date, compliant, and audit proof.

Configured to YOUR company's needs, get managers involved on workflow, keep track of expiring certifications, and keep your team on track.

Securely keep and access all employee reviews and implement 360 degree reviews.

Benefits & Onboarding

No hefty premiums and annual true-up payments. Pay your workers comp with each payroll - budgeting your cash and increasing accuracy.

Benefits. Self-service. Onboarding. Time & Attendance. ONE LOGIN.

Built-in tools automate document verifications and allow for your customization.

Is your company required to use E-Verify? It probably is. It's automatic with us.

Stop killing trees and filling up file cabinets - it's time to go digital.

Have different document needs for different jobs? No problem - unlimited templates and customization has your back.

We don't limit you just to W4s and I9s. Upload your own documents - handbooks, Code of Conduct - whatever you want for signature and acknowledgement. 

Stop profit leaks with powerful, timely reports.

Simple open enrollment, benefit management, and life event wizards take the sting out of benefit administration.

Your Employee Management Experience Should Be Better

Get a free consultation with one of our teammates and see just how much better life could be with upgraded payroll & HR.