is our world-class gateway with intuitive interface, Level 2 & Level 3 interchange optimization, and the following feature set:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Invoice Suite
  • Recurring Billing
  • Reporting Tools
  • ACH Payments
  • API Integrations
  • Hardware

Interchange Optimization

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing

How do businesses achieve Level 3 processing rates?

How much savings can be achieved with Level 3 Processing?

On a single $10,000 transaction, going from Visa Purchasing STD to Level 3 would save you $105 – on ONE transaction. For MasterCard it would be even more. Moving from MC Purchasing STD to Level 3 savings would be $140 on a Large Ticket program.

Virtual Terminal

Level 3 processing data is cumbersome to capture, enter, and verify across the payment networks. AllWaysKB virtual terminal offered by KastenBerry can not only pass the right level of information to the payment network, but it will automate the data required to get the best rates.

Invoicing Suite

Built-in electronic invoicing suite, allowing merchant to easily collect payments by simply sending an email or text to their customers.

Recurring Payments

“Set it and forget it” has never been truer than on our recurring payments module. With various options to choose from, merchants can easily create subscription-based payments that fit their exact needs.

ACH Payments

Looking to process a check instead of a credit card? No problem, our gateway has check processing built right into the virtual terminal, giving merchants even more ways of accepting payments.

API Integrations

AllWaysKB gateway is integrated to leading Processors, Shopping carts, ERPs, CRMs, Billing software and more.

Hardware Integration

The Equinox EMV devices are reliable, highly-customizable and best of all integrated to the AllWaysKB gateway. 

Equinox 6200

  • Luxe OS 
  • 4G + Bluetooth + USB + Ethernet Connectivity  
  • EMV | NFC/CTLS | MSR | PIN Enabled  
  • 2.4” Multimedia Touchscreen Display 
  • Wear-Resistant Keypad 
  • PCI-PTS 5.x Certified  

Schedule a demo and find out if your business qualifies for savings associated with level 3 processing.

Level 3 Processing: 
Frequently Asked Questions

There are specific categories, called “Merchant Category Codes” that make a business eligible for Level 3 processing rates on business purchases. Manufacturing, commercial printers, equipment sales, HVAC, electrical, contractors, and many more. Contact our team today – your processing account may not be set up properly for your business.

Usually businesses miss out on Level 3 processing savings because their equipment or software is incapable of capturing the correct level of information. If that isn’t the issue, then your business isn’t set up properly in the correct MCC code.

Yes. GSA/Government Purchasing cards qualify for Level 3 rates and can even go down to 1.3% or lower for larger transactions carrying Level 3 data. There are best practices to consider when working with GSA cards – our team can walk you through how to handle that.

It’s almost impossible to tell without looking at specifics related to your business. Every member on our team is trained on advanced statement analysis – many of them already or on the path to obtaining the Certified Payment Professional designation. We can dissect your statement and provide you with the information you need to make a good decision for your business.

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