Why KastenBerry?

Our distinctiveness lies in our unwavering commitments to Service, Education, Transparency, and Technology. SETT embodies our dedication to delivering world-class SERVICE and comprehensive industry EDUCATION, empowering merchants to make informed business decisions. Our commitment to TRANSPARENCY in pricing and reporting ensures the absence of junk fees or hidden charges. Embracing cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY, we guarantee our merchants optimize their time with the finest tools in the industry.

Are you already a Kastenberry Merchant? Review the list below to ensure that you benefit from all the Kastenberry Commitments!

Our Commitments



Local Installation and Training: 
Sales Executives handle the heavy lifting for installation, training, and ongoing first contact for support.

Our Sales Executives are compensated monthly for the life of the relationship. We pay them to keep our merchants happy. They have a personal stake in ensuring that they deliver what they/we promised.

Mobile Phone # to Call:
Our merchants have an advocate who knows their name, face, and business and is just a cell phone call away should any issues or questions arise.

Same Day Equipment Replacement: 
KastenBerry has several back-up options available, such as local loaner terminals, virtual terminals, and mobile apps that ensure our merchants are never in a position where they are unable to process transactions for an unnecessary amount of time. 


Local Rep:
Our local Sales Executives are accountable for a smooth installation process, first contact for troubleshooting issues, and backup equipment solutions.

KastenBerry Support:
If you call our KastenBerry Service Department 888.798.3839 – 7 days a week you will reach an actual KastenBerry employee in the United States who genuinely cares about resolving any issues or answering your questions.

Online Chat:
Go to kastenberry.com and use our Online Chat feature staffed by live personnel M-F 8:00 AM-6:00 PM CST.

eMail Support:
Send requests to support@kastenberry.com

DIY Support 
Go to support.kastenberry.com for FAQs and step-by-step processes to solve many pressing issues. 

24/7/365 After-Hours Support:
We are available 24/7/365  to support your business!



All processors have the same costs from the card brands called Interchange. We explain the difference between the actual cost of accepting credit cards and our revenue.

Multiple Pricing Models:
All processors have the same interchange costs, but there are many pricing structures to create revenue in our industry. We offer multiple pricing options and give our merchants the knowledge they need to decide which model best fits their business and goals.

This wholesale pricing model passes along the actual cost of each card a merchant accepts, plus our fixed markup.

cashflow pricing model
This pricing model allows business owners to offer a credit price and a discounted cash price to their customers.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security guidelines designed to ensure that all businesses that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information do so in a secure environment. Many processors leverage the merchant’s lack of understanding of the process to create additional revenue.

However, we provide the merchant with the education and support to successfully validate and maintain their PCI Compliance without the fees often associated with PCI.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire/Network Scans:
We assist the merchant with completing the annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and setting up their quarterly Network Scans depending on their processing environment.

Breach Warranty Coverage:
We include $100,000 Breach Warranty Coverage for all compliant merchants. 

Local Rep and Phone Support:
Our local Sales Executives and KastenBerry Support Team are here to help with any PCI-related questions.


No Contract/Early Termination Fees:
We prove our value from month-to-month and transaction by transaction. If a merchant feels we are not meeting expectations, they have the power to leave without penalty.

SETT Review:
After a merchant’s first month of processing with KastenBerry, our Sales Executives will return and complete a SETT review to ensure that everything was delivered as promised.

In addition, we make sure the merchant has online access to view their account, their PCI compliance validation complete, and their equipment works correctly.

We will also review their first KastenBerry statement with them and ensure they understand all their fees and realize the savings promised during the sales process.


No Hidden or Junk Fees:
Our statements itemize actual costs and markups line by line. The costs are verifiable via card brand documentation on their websites.

While interchange or 3rd-party costs may change, we have not and will not increase our profit margins.

Consolidated Transparent Statements:
Our statements combine all four card types on one easy-to-read statement and are available on-demand through our online portal.


Online Access:
All KastenBerry merchants have online access to view information about their processing account, including batches, deposits, chargebacks, transactions, and monthly processing statements.

Faster Funding Options:
Depending on the processing platform and underwriting approval, merchants that batch out by 11 PM EST will have their deposit the following day. Those merchants that batch out after the 11 PM EST cutoff time but before 8 AM EST will receive their deposit by 2 PM EST on the same day.

Multiple Processing Platforms:
We have aligned with partners that give us access to two of the largest processing platforms in the industry: TSYS and First Data. Between these two platforms, we can provide the best solution to fit a merchant’s needs and integrate with most existing software.

Multiple Technology Offerings:
We offer a wide range of technologies to fit any environment and continually evaluate and add to our tech stack.

  • Counter-top Terminals
  • B2B Solutions for Level II/III
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Payments
  • Virtual Terminals
  • POS Integrations

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