Jaime Einhorn - Sales Executive

Jaime Einhorn
Edmond, OK

Payments Expert
B2B Specialist
Service Fanatic
Sports Mom
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Favorite Food:
Blackened Prime Rib

Whiskey or Wine?


Why be mediocre when you can be the best?

I found the payments industry after a 2009 nationwide layoff at my staffing company. I interviewed with Retriever out of Chicago and while I didn’t take the position, it got me interested in electronic payments. I started my hunt for the most ethical company in an industry not known for its ethics.

"My competitors know my name because my clients are extremely loyal. With thousands of competitors in our industry, my retention rate is extremely high - and that's not an accident. I have earned a reputation for fanatical service and the highest ethical standard."

I joined KastenBerry so I could work at a company that shares my core belief of service and ethics first. I’ve worked with this leadership team before and trust that they can maintain the culture of excellence in both service and doing what’s best for our clients.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me neck-deep in a home improvement project or cheering on my son at the baseball field or on the basketball court. Don’t be surprised if I answer your call with “Sorry it’s a little loud, I’m at the ballpark. What can I help you with?

My smile is my logo, my personality is my business card, and my commitment to taking care of my clients always come first.



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