April Hopper

Cost Crusader

Servant Sales

Favorite Food:

Whiskey or Wine?

Favorite Author:
Nicholas Sparks


It's all about understanding.

In 2015 I began my journey in merchant processing. I wanted the opportunity to educate people about who, what, and how they pay.

"All a business owner wants is someone who will explain the process, help them, and show them how to be more profitable."

I quickly realized that the industry was filled with unscrupulous companies and a total lack of customer service. Business owners deserve better and that’s what I deliver.

I pick up my phone, solve issues in a timely manner and treat my clients with a level of care that is hard to match. I joined KastenBerry for their willingness to put integrity, morals, and service above sales.

When I’m not visiting clients and bringing new businesses on board, you’ll find me at home with family and friends or learning something new to further my development. 

Laugh at the small stuff – life is too short!



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