Andy Mullins - payments - Tulsa, OK

Andy Mullins
Chief Operating Officer
Tulsa, OK


25 Years of Experience as a Small Business Owner
Payments Expert
Technology Junky

Husband & Father of 4


I Help Business Owners with the Small Things that Have a Big Impact.

In business, it’s always the small things, the mundane things, the things that have to happen every day that can trip us up or set us on the road to success. Capital, cashflow, payroll, and the tools and technology can help to lighten the load and deliver the data every business owner needs to steer the ship. I learned this first-hand while running multiple businesses over the last 25 years. 

"25 Years as a business owner has given me a unique perspective to help business owners find success."


3 years ago I had the opportunity to join several friends in the payments industry. Since that time I have helped a broad range of merchants including; restaurants, liquor stores, retail, eCommerce, and others with the tools and technology to deliver faster payments, capital to grow, and employee tools to hire, pay, and support their teams.

When I’m not helping businesses, I spend time with my wife of 25 years and our 4 kids. I am also a lifetime creative and I love design.  This year I was honored to work with the Kastenberry team to create the our Logo, much of our website, and I have ideas for a few marketing projects.





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