Aaron Kerr - Sales Executive

Aaron Kerr
Bradenton, FL

Music Nerd

Restaurant Expert

Payments Specialist

Favorite Food:

Whiskey or Wine?

Favorite Author:
Tom Clancy

Always available to help & educate.

The payments industry found me in 2013 and pulled me away from a career in food service sales. I was immediately hooked and delighted in being able to make an even bigger impact for my restaurant clients.

"I'm always available to my clients to help and educate them on a sometimes complicated world of electronic payments."

I’ve led sales teams at two large payment processors and know the value of having great leadership. I joined KastenBerry to work with a proven leadership team.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me poolside playing the guitar with my daughter and sending pictures of Florida’s beautiful beaches to my teammates up North during the winter.



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