Our Mission

To provide premier service and innovative technologies as a trusted resource for clients while building an environment that empowers our teammates to thrive in their communities.

Our Strategy is SETT

At KastenBerry, we put “service” back in “merchant services.” Our veteran leadership team has over 40 years of industry experience. We’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly of an industry that has two well-deserved black eyes. What would it take to change the game?


Everyone in the industry is “committed” to service. Even those with remote service centers or poorly trained local salespeople who, despite the best of intentions, don’t have the access, ability, or training to provide the solution needed.

KastenBerry will train and equip service technicians supporting the clients of our trained and certified sales executives.


The payments world is dominated by independent sales agents employed or contracted by companies aiming to be the biggest.

KastenBerry is committed to being the best, not the biggest. We hire only industry veterans who will undergo CPP certification, and they educate their clients on how to navigate the industry and hold us accountable.


Our leaders have worked at the forefront of the transparency movement in the payments industry.

KastenBerry is committed to maintaining that commitment to transparency for our clients. That means no hidden fees, no discretionary rate increases, and easy-to-read statements.


The payments industry doesn’t just change; it evolves. KastenBerry offers world-class technology solutions and tests them to ensure they hold up to our commitments of serving our clients.

It’s not just circuit boards and chip readers technology is system integrations and flexible programs to allow our customers to accept payments in ways that make the most sense for their business goals.

KastenBerry is committed to that same level of transparency internally as well. At Kastenberry, everyone has a voice. Everyone is heard. Decisions are made with and for all of our teammates. This is just one of the many ways small is the new big.

Our Team

Sr. Sales Executive 


Andy Mullins
Director of Product & Development

Karla Chiarelli
Director of Operations

Jake Williams- CEO

Jake Williams

Blaine Burn

Chris Chiarelli - CSO

Chris Chiarelli

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